Monday, 21 May 2012

We Love Autumn

As the end of semester is approaching fast, most of my spare time is spent working on assignments (I have worked out that I have six assignments to complete within the next two weeks!). So to get away from them for a bit and to let my brain have a rest, Matt and I decided to go to the farmers market again on Saturday morning.

 I love going to the farmers market! It has such a nice, community atmosphere and it was surprising to see how much it has grown since it started at the beginning of the year! After we had worked around and tasted and bought a few things we decided to go to our favourite cafe, Milkbar for tea and coffee. If you live in Launceston and haven't visited Milkbar yet I totally recommend you do! It's amazing! 

After that we walked to a near by park and took some photos of the amazing Autumn colours. Everything becomes so much more beautiful in Autumn and I love the fact that we can start to rug up and wear lots of layers finally! Definitely the best season! 

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