Friday, 23 March 2012

A day well spent...

So tomorrow I have another market on and this morning I worked on some new pretty floral accessories for the stall. They turned out perfect! And I even decided to keep a pair of the small, dark pink earrings for myself ;) Today I also went on a road trip to Deloraine with some friends and we had such a great time! We taste tested the local produce, visited the op-shops, had some delicious lunch and discovered new and exciting vintage shops! I managed to find a very cute, handmade dress and some pretty vintage fabric. A day well spent I think! 


  1. These are so beautiful!
    You are one talented person Janelle :)
    Can't tell you how much I enjoy looking at your blog, all the beautiful things lift my spirits on the dull days.
    It inspires me :)
    Much Love in Christ,

    1. Hi Elle,
      Aww Thanks for your kind words! :) I really appreciate it!
      Miss you!