Monday, 26 March 2012

Cups of Tea

All of a sudden it has become very cold here in Tasmania... but I don't mind at all because I love winter and I can just drink lots of tea to keep me warm! I love tea... especially tea that has been brewed in a tea pot! Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite teas that I have tired as well as some teas that I want to try in the future. 

My everyday favourite tea is Twinings English Breakfast and Earl Grey... But my all time favourite blends include creme brulee and choc chip chai by T2 tea. Soo yummy! A while ago I came across a gourmet tea label called Harney & Sons. The different flavours of these teas sound so divine and the tins that the tea comes in are adorable! I would love to collect every flavour! 

Have you tried Harney & Sons tea? Is it as good as it looks? I think it would be worth having a try of this tea because if by some chance the tea wasn't all that nice, at least I'd have a collection of pretty tins to keep! ;) 

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